5 Tips for Purchasing a Home in a Seller’s Market

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Girdwood is definitely a sellers market these days, with lack of inventory as the primary driver. While the rest of the State of AK has been working through a recession fueled by the drop in global oil prices, Girdwood’s market has continued to rise. The market here can move very quickly for the right property. Having a pre-approval letter in place is essential for getting your offer submitted quickly. Escalation clauses seem to me more the norm these days than the exception, although sometimes I have seen them have a negative effect, they are not always the golden ticket. As you might expect, if you are looking to buy a home, I would recommend working with a local Girdwood real estate professional who understands the market and the trends that develop and change quickly. As a seller, putting your home on the market is the best way to expose it to a large number of buyers, and ensure you are getting fair market price.

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